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Imagine Social Media platform specifically designed for Project, Program and Portfolio Managers working in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries. Unlike LinkedIn, you can interact with whomever and your activity won't be publicly shared with just anybody. You can post questions and interact with others, so you can solve common industry problems together.

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Why You Should Join Us

We can all enjoy the connection during in-person conferences, however, the real value of attending is reflected later on when the professional challenges appear and the learnings need to be applied. By then, the glare of the experience is long-forgotten and so are the networking opportunities.

We all need physical workout to stay healthy and in shape. It's not enough to hit the gym once, one needs to put continuous effort to achieve that. What applies for our body, also applies for our Expertise.

That's why we created a community platform where all attendees, speakers, and other pharmaceutical professionals can connect regularly just within a few clicks. 

We bring together ambitious professionals to share and learn the best practices in PPM together, so that we can discuss and contribute to the solutions to common industry problems with experts in the field, while building supportive relationships along the way. 

About Why Summits

Why Summits offers a  platform for pharmaceutical industry professionals to grow their impact. All in the name of a creating a healthier world together.

Our current portfolio of masterclasses and conferences is designed to train, inspire and connect professionals from all around the world to build relationships and discuss pressing challenges, opportunities, strategies, processes, products and cutting-edge innovation. 

For the conferences and webinars, we bring together the best speakers specializing in Project, Program, and Portfolio Management in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, MedTech, and Healthcare Industries. With topics varying from general to specific, each conference brings a unique focus & key learning opportunities.